Antenatal Programmes

The Antenatal Nurturing programme is a 8 week programme aimed at first time pregnant couples.

The programme invites couples to explore their emotional and learning needs for the transition to parenthood. The programme aims to build the relationship between parent and their unborn baby and between parents as a couple. It focuses on; the importance of communication between the parents as potential parents and communication with their baby inside and outside the womb, understanding baby’s needs physically and emotionally, the baby’s ability to communicate right from birth, the importance of empathy, attunement, attachment and breastfeeding, recognising baby cues and appropriate responses such as talking and touch as well as the practical skills needed to meet their baby’s needs i.e. dressing, nappy changing, feeding, bathing and appropriate handling of baby. The emphasis is on supportive, non-judgemental discussion of the key factors that contribute to child and adult health and wellbeing.

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